Paraga Pelaksanaan Registrasi Aksara Jawa ke Unicode Consortium.


Tanpa disertai dengan sesuatu maksud tertentu yang negatif tentunya, saya mencoba menjelaskan hal hal yang berkaitan dengan Pelaksanaan Registrasi Aksara Jawa ke Unicode (September – 2007).


Data dan fakta ini termuat di Dokumentasi Resmi Unicode yaitu :

Proposal for encoding the Javanese script in the UCS dengan No : 3319R.

Saya hanya mengutip sebagian untuk menjelaskan Nama – nama Paraga yang tercatat di Dokumen tersebut, yaitu pada:

* Butir (10. Acknowledgements) dan

* Butir (C. Technical – Justification), nama – nama tersebut a.l. :


05. Donny Harimurti (NGO Bali Galang; Founder).

16. Ki Sondong Mandali (Yayasan Sekar Jagad).

29. Imam Sutardjo (State University of Surakarta; Lecturer),

32. KRH. Darmodipuro – Mbah Hadi (Radya Pustaka Royal Museum of Surakarta (RMS); Director),

36. Muzizah (National Language Center; Philologist),

38. Santadipura – Wa Santa (Javanese Bangun Tuwuh Magazine; Chief Editor),

57. Dulkaeni – Mbah Dul (Sasmita Magazine),

60. Haryana HW (Gajah Mada University; Lecturer),

63. Manu J.W. (Gajah Mada University),

67. Slamet Riyadi (Language Centre of Yogyakarta; Lecturer),

70. Suhardjendra (NGO Bebana; Teacher),dll.


Data Selengkapnya sbb. :


10. Acknowledgements.

This project was made possible in part by a grant from the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities, which funded the Script Encoding Initiative in respect of the Javanese encoding. Funding for this project was also provided by the Provincial Government of Central Java, and by the Vocational Education Development Centre for Arts and Craft (Yogyakarta). Support was also given by the Provincial Government of East Java, by the Government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, by the National Centre for Languages (Jakarta), and by Yayasan Ajisaka, which organized the technical discussion sessions in Semarang, Surakarta, and Yogyakarta in Java. In particular thanks are due to Ki Demang Sokowaten, Hadiwaratama, Bagiono Djoko Sumbogo, Sutadi Purnadipura, and Donny Harimurti.





C. Technical – Justification


1. Has this proposal for addition of character(s) been submitted before? If YES, explain.

Yes, N3292 was a preliminary proposal. Jeroen Hellingman made proposals for Javanese dated 1993-06-10 and 1998-03-10; Michael Everson made a code table available at on 2005-02-02.


2a. Has contact been made to members of the user community (for example: National Body, user groups of the script or characters, other experts, etc.)?


2b. If YES, with whom?


From the Yayasan Ajisaka:

01. Hadiwaratama (ITB Javanese & Sundanese Script expert),

02. Ki Demang Sakawaten (Javanese Script ICT Programmer),

03. Bagiono Djokosumbogo (Planning and International Cooperation Bureau Department of National Education),



04. Sutadi Purnadipura (PEPADI – Indonesian Association for Puppet Play Master; Chairman),

05. Donny Harimurti (NGO Bali Galang; Founder).


From the Komite Basa Jawi:

06. Djoko Santoso (Javanese Language Committee; Chairman),

07. Dwijahadipura (Javanese Language Committee),

08. Partodipuro (Javanese Language Committee),

09. Purwatmodipuro (Javanese Language Committee; Expert Board),

10. RM. Agus Darmodjo (Javanese Language Committee),

11. Sudiyatmono (PEPADI – Indonesian Association for Puppet Play Master; Javanese Literature Expert and Writer),

12. Sunarno (Javanese Language Committee), Suryono (Javanese Language Committee),

13. Wilapadipuro (Javanese Language Committee),

14. Wirasta Reksadipura (Javanese Language Committee; Senior Advisor)


From the Preparatory Committee:

15. Sardi (Vocational Education Development Centre for Arts and Craft; Director),

16. Ki Sondong Mandali (Yayasan Sekar Jagad).


From the meeting in Surakarta, held at Balai Kota, City Hall of the Mayor of Surakarta City, Central Java Province, 2007-09-05:

17. Agus Dono (Office of Tourism and Culture),

18. Alfiady H. (State University of Yogyakarta; Lecturer),

19. Anggarini (Secondary School Teacher), B. Luriyanto (Primary School Teacher),

20. Bambang Suhendro (Conservatory School Student), Bambang Sulanjari (Teacher’s College; Lecturer),

21. Bani Sudardi (State University of Surakarta; Professor),

22. Bb. Ikhwanto (Uninet; Lecturer),

23. Budhi Muhanto (PEPADI – Indonesian Association for Puppet Play Master; Vice Chairman),

24. Drs. Rianto. SH. (Government Representative of East Java),

25. FX. Ibnu Budhi (Office of Tourism and Culture; Linguist),

26. Giyarni (Primary School Teacher),

27. Hartiningsih (Secondary School Teacher – Kediri),

28. Hastin (NGO Swagatra; Treasurer),

29. Imam Sutardjo (State University of Surakarta; Lecturer),

30. Irsan HG (Office of Education and Culture),

31. Kasmadi (Conservatory School Teacher),

32. KRH. Darmodipuro (Radya Pustaka Royal Museum of Surakarta (RMS); Director),

33. Langgeng (Conservatory School Teacher),

34. Margono (Junior Secondary School; Public Relations),

35. Mujiyono (Secondary School Teacher),

36. Muzizah (National Language Center; Philologist),

37. Rohanah (Mayor’s Office; Head of Administration),

38. Santadipura (Javanese Bangun Tuwuh Magazine; Chief Editor),

39. Seta (Secondary School Teacher – Kediri),

40. Slamet Ishadi (Senior Secondary High School Teacher),

41. Sri Iriana (Cultural Office),

42. Suci Yulianti MM. (Permadani (a cultural NGO)),

43. Suharsini PW (NGO Swagatra; Treasurer),

44. Sukarman (State University of Surabaya; Lecturer),

45. Sulis D. (Office of Tourism and Culture),

46. Supanta (Uninet; Lecturer),

47. Supriyanto Waluyo (Mangkunegaran Palace),

48. Surana (Faculty of Literature and Culture; Lecturer),

49. Suroto (Office of Traffic and Transportion; Section Head),

50. Susila Adi (Office of National Education Central Java Provincial Government),

51. Suwondo (Office of Social Welfare),

52. Waliyono (Office of Youth and Sport; Linguist),

53. Widada (Language Centre of Semarang; Chairman),

54. Winarno Kusumo (The Palace of Surakarta; Vice Chairman).


From the meeting in Yogyakarta, held at Sonobudaya Museum, Yogyakarta, 2007-09-06:

55. Affendy Widayat (Yogyakarta State University; Lecturer),

56. Dhiyan Prastiyono (Faculty of Culture – Gajahmada University; Lecturer),

57. Dulkaeni (Sasmita Magazine),

58. Eni Lestari R (Sonobudoyo Museum),

59. Ery S (Sonobudoyo Museum),

60. Haryana HW (Gajah Mada University; Lecturer),

61. Kartiman (Vocational Education Development Centre for Arts and Crafts; Lecturer),

62. Kirdiono (Sonobudoyo Museum), Kusharyanti (Observer),

63. Manu J.W. (Gajah Mada University),

64. Martono (Sonobudoyo Museum),

65. Mudiyono (Sonobudoyo Museum),

66. Pardiyono (Sonobudoyo Museum),

67. Slamet Riyadi (Language Centre of Yogyakarta; Lecturer),

68. Sri Pratiwi (Sonobudoyo Museum),

69. Subagyo (Observer), Sugeng (Junior Secondary School Teacher),

70. Suhardjendra (NGO Bebana; Teacher),

71. Sulastri (Senior Secondary High School Teacher),

72. Sumadji (Culture Park),

73. Sumardi (Gajah Mada University; Lecturer),

74. Sumarwantini (Senior Secondary High School Teacher),

75. Sunardi S (Yogyakarta State University; Lecturer),

76. Tatang (Sonobudoyo Museum),

77. Tirto Suwondo (Language Centre of Yogyakarta; Teacher),

78. Tugini Triharyati (Office of National Education),

79. Warih (Secondary School Teacher),

80. Winarso WS. (Office of Tourism and Cultural Affairs),

81. Yudha Atmaka (Observer),

82. Yuni Istiyani (Observer).


Ki Demang


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